Mentoring Chair

Dave Fullmer


Mentoring Mission.  The mentoring system for the state music teachers has been established by the UMEA to partner requesting teachers with veteran teachers within their area of specialty. Project outcomes include:

1)    Increased retention of music teachers
2)    An active resource for teacher questions concerning:

  • a.    Program structure
  • b.    Classroom management/discipline
  • c.    Music selection
  • d.    Etc.

Overview.  For the purpose of mentoring:

1)    The UMEA “Mentoring” web page will be utilized as an introductory vehicle to offer mentoring.
2)    Mentoring will be scheduled, structured, and carried out by mutual consent from mentees and mentors.
3)    Mentors may report verification of contact for certification hours and statistical purposes only.


1)    The mentor list will be generated from volunteers and made available on the UMEA Mentoring Web page.
2)    Mentees may contact volunteer mentors from the list and/or request recommendations from UMEA Division (Specialty) Vice Presidents

Administration.  The mentoring program is established by the UMEA board with administration and support from both the Mentoring Chair/committee and division vice-presidents/committees.

GOAL.  All music teachers will have access to at least one qualified, experienced colleague with whom they may discuss teaching techniques, strategies and goals. The mentee teacher can then begin a professional exchange with their mentor that is designed to provide advice which will augment teaching skills, uncover resources, and establish networks that will build upon their success in the classroom. This is a process of collaboration, and not a form of evaluation.

We believe:

1) Any teacher can benefit by collaborating with a colleague/mentor.
2) Overload and stress can be eased with contact to an experienced colleague/mentor.
3) Collaborating/mentoring could be personally requested or recommended.

Mentor Process.  If you are interested in receiving a mentor, contact Dave Fullmer (email above) OR contact your UMEA vice president (see Divisions in the menu bar)