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State Band Festival

2018 State Band Festival

May 3-5, 2018
Corner Canyon High School

2018 State Band Application/Registration

Please complete the following three steps to register for 2017 State Band Festival.

Step 1- Fill out Application

Fill out this application for each band you are registering. When complete, you may return to this page and pay at the link below. If you have multiple entries, please pay for all your bands at one time. UMEA members pay $200 for each band. Non-Members pay $310 for each band. State Band Application/Registration

Step 2 - Scan and Submit Adjudication Sheets and Seating Chart

Please scan and email adjudication sheets and your setup chart to Randal Clark -, State Band Festival Chair.

Step 3 - Pay for Entries

Pay for State Band Entries. Please click the link below to pay for your state band fees. UMEA Members pay $200 per group, and Non-Members pay $310. Please pay for all your groups at one time. The payment processing system might decline payments it thinks are duplicates.

Click here to pay


The following requirements were approved by the UMEA board and were implemented for the 2012 UMEA State Band Festival . Bands that qualify for and participate in the Utah State Band Festival must adhere to these requirements, including the selected performance literature:

1. A march must be performed from the "Utah Required March List" (see below). The list can be accessed on the UMEA web-site at A director may petition to perform a march not on the approved list by submitting the "Petition to add a Selection to the list" form (see below).

2. An additional piece must be performed from the "Utah Required Literature List" (see below). The list can be accessed on the UMEA web-site at A director may petition for approval to perform a selection not on the list by submitting the "Petition to add a Selection to the list" form see below).

3. A third selection may be performed that is of contrasting style and of the directors choosing (see "Guidelines," below for exceptions).


Bands should perform three selections of contrasting style. There is a possible exception if the director's second selection is of sufficient length to fill the performance time limit and includes multiple movements or complete sections of contrasting style that demonstrate sufficient musical substance. In this instance, both selections must be from the required list.

The band's entire performance, including set-up and exiting the stage, must not exceed 30 minutes.

Determination of a band's eligibility for the state festival will be made upon receipt of the official application and performance fee. Bands will be scheduled when their application and fee are received. Requests for specific time slots will be honored when possible, but directors must remain flexible, regarding scheduling.

Region chairs are encouraged to complete region band festivals no later than three weeks before the state festival begins. Failure to do so will affect the flexibility of state festival scheduling.

3 scores, with measures numbered, of each performed selection must be provided. Provided scores must adhere to all applicable copyright laws.

Directors may petition to add any selections to the list by submitting the "Petition to add a Selection to the list" form found on the UMEA web-site (see below).

Stars(*) indicate the number of times each selection appeared on lists that were combined.

Petitions for additions to the state required literature list are to be submitted to:
Dan Chaston
Viewmont High School
120 W. 1000 N.
Bountiful, UT 84010
Phone# (801) 402-4200
fax# (801) 402-4201

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