UMEA Jazz All-State

For more information, contact UMEA Jazz Vice President Timothy Kidder,

Timothy Kidder
Jazz Vice-President

2018 All-State Jazz Band

February 2-3, 2018
Dixie Center
St. George, Utah

2018 Registration Information Coming Soon

2017 Registration Information


2017 All-State Jazz audition directions.

Auditions must be submited by Nobember 18, 2016. See audition materials below.

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Audition Materials

Download the etude, leadsheet, and the play-along below for your voice or instrument. Listen to the examples below as a reference.

Alto or Bari Etude
Alto or Bari Leadsheet
Tenor Etude
Tenor Leadsheet
Saxophone Play-Along
Saxophone Example

Trumpet Etude
Trumpet Leadsheet
Trumpet Play-Along
Lead Trumpet Exerpt
Trumpet Example

Trombone Etude
Trombone Leadsheet
Bass Trombone Leadsheet
Trombone Play-Along
Trombone Example

C Instrument Etude (not bass)
Treble Clef Lead Sheet
Bass Etude
Bass Leadsheet
Drum Etude
Rhythm Stylesheet pg 1
Rhythm Stylesheet pg 2
Drum Audition Track
Guitar Play-Along
Bass Play-Along
Guitar Example
Bass Example
Piano Example
Piano Play-Along
Drum Example

Take the A Train Vocal Lead Sheet
A Train Sing-along Track
I Love You Vocal Sheet (High Voice)
I Love You Sing-along Track (High Voice)
I Love You Vocal Sheet (Low Voice)
I Love You Sing-along Track (Low Voice)
Submit your digital audition



Students will be asked to provide their director's e-mail address. Acceptd will then e-mail the director to verify the student's eligibility. Students must be a member in good standing of their corresponding school ensemble, and the student must be registered more than half-time at the school. The student may qualify for an "Offical Exemption," if their main source of education does not offer an ensemble for the student's musical discipline.

AUDITION PROCEDURE: Auditions for the All-State Jazz Band will be submitted via video online with "Acceptd" (Coming Soon). Accepted will collect student information including student name, address, etc. accompanied by a video audition which students will upload and submit. Students will use their own video device to record their audition and will then upload the video to the Acceptd website. Acceptd will walk the student through the audition upload and application process. There is tech support, if needed. Acceptd will accept any video file type and size. It is suggested that you do this several days ahead of the Nov. 18th deadline in case you run into technical difficulties.

Submit your digital audition

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