UMEA All-State Band

January 19-21, 2017

Steven Hendricks
Band Vice-President
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2016-17 All State Band and Orchestra Winds/Percussion Audition Music - Now Available.

You will be able to submit your audition from August 1st to 11:59, p.m. on November 15th.

Flute players will be able to check a box on the audition, noting their desire to play piccolo.
Oboe players will be able to check a box on the audition noting their ability to play English Horn.
Bass Trombone players may use the bass trombone audition, if they prefer. If they do, they will only be considered for third trombone parts.
Percussionists need to prepare BOTH the xylophone and snare drum auditions.

2016/17 All-State Band Audition Materials

Note: There is an error in the trumpet part. On measure 27, the second note (F) should be F natural.

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